August 31, 2023

Sella vs. Rebag: Which Selling Service Is Right for You?

Do you have bags, jewelry, or fashion accessories to sell? If so, you might consider selling them online for speed and convenience. Both Sella and Rebag have a lot of perks to help you sell your items quickly and easily, but each service offers something a little different.

What Is Rebag?

Rebag is an online marketplace founded in 2014 where lovers of designer fashion can buy and sell handbags, jewelry, watches, clothing, and accessories. In addition to its website, Rebag has retail locations in California, Florida, and New York.

How Does Rebag Work?

Answer questions about and upload pictures of the items you want to sell on Rebag to receive an online quote. Then, after accepting your offer, you can ship your items to Rebag or drop them off at a retail location for Rebag to sell for you. You can get paid from Rebag in a few days without needing to wait for your items to sell.

What Is Sella?

Person looking at designer jewelry in boxes at a table
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Sella is a done-for-you reselling service. Sella experts handle the process of selling your items on multiple marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, and Mercari, by taking photos of each item, writing product descriptions, negotiating payments, and shipping products to buyers. Still, sellers can change pricing and item descriptions at any time if they’d like. 

Designer clothing, shoes, Louis Vuitton and other designer handbags, and accessories, as well as non-fashion items, can be sold online through Sella.

How Does Sella Work?

Hermes handbag with tags and box
Photo by Nhung Tran via Pexels

To begin working with Sella, you can get online quotes for your items and, after accepting your offer, ship items to Sella or drop them off at a Sella Hub. If you live close to a Sella Hub, you can also schedule a pickup for a small fee. 

Then, Sella’s experts get to work on selling your items. They’ll take professional photos that highlight your items’ unique features and write descriptions that position them to sell for the best prices. 

Then, Sella lists your items on your chosen marketplaces and pays you when they sell. Throughout the process, Sella promotes your items, answers buyer questions, and negotiates prices to help you get top dollar for your stuff.

Comparing Sella vs. Rebag

Allowable Items

With Rebag, you can sell designer handbags and accessories, including jewelry, shoes, watches, and sunglasses. Prada, Birkin, Hermes, and Chanel are just a few of the luxury brands Rebag accepts.

Sella allows a larger variety of items. You can sell tools, sports equipment, small appliances, home goods, and various other items, so long as they aren’t too big or heavy. You can also sell just about anything allowable on Rebag with Sella.

Fees, Commissions, and Getting Paid

When you sell items to Rebag, Rebag pays you directly for them, so you don’t need to wait for them to sell on the marketplace. How much you get depends on your quote, which you can request online. Otherwise, no fees are associated with listing or selling your items, as all of Rebag’s expenses are considered when quoting your items.

Meanwhile, your profits from items sold with Sella depend on their final selling price. After Sella lists your items on the marketplaces you want, you’ll need to wait for them to sell. 

When they do sell, any marketplace fees are deducted from the final price. Sella also deducts its fees, like a listing preparation fee of $5.99 and a daily management fee of 15 cents per day.

The result is your net profit, from which Sella takes a 10% commission, leaving you with 90% of your earnings.

Prada shoes on a table

Photo by Karen Laårk Boshoff via Pexels

Seller Protections

When choosing a selling service, it’s important to ensure you’re protected if your items don’t sell or the process doesn’t work as you hoped.

With Rebag, you can choose whether to accept the quote given for your items before sending them in. If you aren’t happy with your quote, you can reject it and keep your items. If you do accept your quote, you’ll get paid from Rebag after the vetting process, which takes up to three days.

Sella allows you to cancel your listings if your items don’t sell within 60 days or any other time during the selling process. When you cancel a listing, you can choose to donate your items, pick up your items, or have them delivered or shipped to your home. 

The Bottom Line

Both Rebag and Sella provide done-for-you selling services to help you get cash for your items quickly. Still, they both have different payment structures and selling processes to consider. 

To sum up, Rebag is a go-to marketplace to sell designer fashion items, while Sella caters to a more diverse range of items, including small furniture and electronics. While you get an immediate quote from Rebag and can get paid a few days later, you’ll need to wait until your items sell to get paid from Sella.

Also, Rebag’s quoting process is quick and easy, but you don’t get a say in your item’s pricing. Once you get a quote, you can either accept it or deny it, but you can’t negotiate it. 

However, Sella allows you to change your items’ recommended pricing at any time, so you can have some control over the final selling price. Get started with Sella today and let our experts help you sell your stuff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main difference between Sella and Rebag?

Rebag caters to designer clothing and accessories, while Sella allows for more types of items to sell, including home decor and electronics. Also, Sella lists items on up to six marketplaces, whereas items sold to Rebag are only sold through Rebag’s online marketplace or brick-and-mortar locations.

Are Sella’s or Rebag’s commissions higher for sellers?

In many cases, Rebag can provide an instant quote for items with its online quoting system. Sellers can choose whether to accept or refuse this offer. If accepted, the seller receives the full amount of the offer as long as the item is determined to be in the condition stated when receiving the offer.

In contrast, Sella takes just 10% of sale profits, giving sellers 90%. This means that sellers keep 90% of the profits left after deducting marketplace and other relevant fees. 

Is Sella or Rebag better for sellers?

Rebag is a good place to sell designer fashion items, especially high-value collector items. Sella is helpful for sellers who have fashion or non-fashion items they want to sell across multiple marketplaces.