October 15, 2023

Best Places to Sell Hermes: What Marketplaces Should You Use?

Photo by Nhung Tran from Pexels

Hermes is one of the oldest and most reputable designer brands in the fashion and luxury goods industries, creating some of the most coveted handbags, equestrian gear, and leather items in the world. It’s no surprise that Hermes items can resell for an appealing price tag, sometimes for much more than they sold for originally.

Of course, how much you get from your Hermes items depends on their condition, their resale value, and the type of buyer you’ve found. Where you sell is also extremely important, and some online marketplaces can help you get top dollar for the Hermes items you want to sell.

The best places to sell Hermes listed in this guide accept authentic Hermes items and are easy to use, even if you’re a beginner selling Hermes or other designer goods for the first time. Be aware that fees associated with these marketplaces sometimes change, so it’s important to check each marketplace’s terms and conditions before selling to find the most current information. 

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Sell Hermes on Poshmark

Poshmark is the home of resale fashion on the internet, so it’s an ideal place to sell Hermes when you want to clean out your closet. Poshmark lets sellers create their own closets on the app, allowing them to sell their items while shoppers who enjoy their listings follow their closet and like items they’d consider buying.

Here, Hermes items can sell for a lot, as most of the buyers are genuinely interested in fashion, especially from high-quality brand names like Hermes. Virtually all Hermes items sell here, from shoes and watches to scarves and clutches, with some handbags listed for $10,000 or more. 

Poshmark keeps fees simple by charging a flat $2.95 fee for sales under $15 or a 20% commission for sales of 15% or more. So, if you sell a Hermes bag for $1,000, you keep $800.

Sell Hermes on eBay

Hermes handbag
Image by Kriss Chen from Pixabay

Try eBay first if you have extremely valuable Hermes items on your hands. eBay’s auction-style listings can help you get maximum prices for must-have Hermes items with high resale values, as buyers who really want to add an item to their collection are likely to bid higher to get it. 

If you’re anxious about relying on buyers to bid what you’d expect, you can switch to fixed-price listings, which lets you name the price you’re willing to part with your item for. You can also set minimum prices, so if your Hermes bag doesn’t get into the bidding war you’d hoped for and falls short of your minimum, the listing will end without a sale. 

If you have an eBay store, eBay doesn’t charge listing fees for your first 250 listings each month and takes between 10% to 15% of the final selling price, on average, as commission. 

Sell Hermes on Mercari

Hermes has an impressive presence on Mercari, with sellers making money on men’s ties, wallets, handbags, shoes, belts, and more. 

With that said, most sellers selling Hermes tend to stick with Hermes items with smaller price tags rather than fashion and bags typically priced into the thousands, so that’s something to keep in mind if you mostly have pricier items to sell. Makeup, perfume, and accessories fit right in on Mercari.

Mercari doesn’t charge sellers any listing fees but takes at least 10% of the completed sale price as its commission. There are also fees relating to payments, including a $2 fee for direct deposits under $10 and a fee of 2.9% plus $0.50 per sale for payment processing. 

Sell Hermes on Craigslist

Hermes designer handbag
Hermes 6068 25cm bag orange” by jacket lee via Flickr licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

When you have a few Hermes items without high resale value, you could try listing them on Craigslist. This is a good marketplace for local listings, allowing you to find nearby buyers for quick, to-the-point sales. 

If selling on Craigslist, be sure to use a secure online form of payment, like PayPal, which has seller protections in place to avoid potential buying scams. Sella can also help you negotiate with Craigslist buyers to make your sales go as smoothly as possible. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t take on the process of selling your Hermes items alone. Sella can help by listing your items on the marketplaces that make the most sense — that’s right, multiple marketplaces — while suggesting prices and product descriptions that sell them as quickly as possible. You get to keep 90% of your profits while remaining as hands-off the selling process as you’d like. Get started with Sella today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hermes have resale value?

Yes — generally, Hermes has excellent resale value, especially when pieces are kept in pristine condition and can be easily authenticated. Hermes bags have among the highest resale value of the brand’s items, but shoes, scarves, jewelry, and watches can also hold their value well. Based on our research, several Hermes bags have resale values of 90% or more. 

What should I know before I sell my Hermes items?

Hermes resale prices depend largely on the item’s condition. Tears, stains, and leather condition are among the top factors influencing the price of a Hermes bag, for example. Also, consider where you’re selling your items. Marketplaces focused on designer brands and fashion typically yield higher prices than local or more generalized marketplaces.

How can I make the most money reselling my Hermes bag?

First and foremost, be sure to authenticate your Hermes items before trying to sell them, as having proof of authenticity can greatly increase the amount you can make. Next, look at different marketplaces to compare pricing on Hermes items similar to yours. This can give you a good idea of where you might be able to sell for the best prices.