January 24, 2023

How to Sell Your Pre-Owned and Pre-Loved Designer Handbags

There are many reasons you might feel ready to part with your pre-loved handbags. If you look through your closet and you realize you have more Coach bags than you need or use, it’s probably time to give your gently used luxury bags a new home. 

Perhaps you considered donating your pre-loved designer bags. But the truth is, luxury bags are expensive, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to recoup some of your investment. That way, you can buy a new bag in the style you want or save your money for something else you need or that suits you better at this point in your life. 

So, how do you sell your used luxury bags in a way that isn’t too time-consuming and still fetches the maximum possible price? 

How can you sell your pre-owned designer bags?

Selling your used designer bags doesn’t have to involve packing everything up and going to a local consignment store or scheduling a yard sale. Those days are long gone, thankfully. 

Fortunately, in our current online universe, there is an easy way to sell your designer brand handbags to eager buyers with little effort and stress. 

The smartest way to sell your used luxury handbags online is by working with a professional online service that helps you navigate the online selling world. Think about it, if you’ve never sold anything online, it’s probably a little intimidating. 

Where do you start? Who do you contact? How do you let people know what you have and how much they need it and that they should buy it from you? And what about the criminals who prey on sellers going solo? 

One crucial factor luxury used goods sellers sometimes don’t consider until it’s too late is the real possibility of running into online scams, involving situations such as: 

It’s a lot to think about, so maybe you should consider working with an expert selling service that knows its way around all the marketplaces. They’ll help you get the most out of your used goods. 

Here are five things a selling partner can do to help you sell your treasured pre-owned designer handbags quickly and for top dollar. 

1. Understand which bags to sell 

You might have considered selling your treasured handbags in the past, but didn’t know which ones were worth parting with and how much to sell them for. It’s a lot to think about if you’re not familiar with the used bag market.

An online selling service can help you figure out what makes sense to sell. It needs to be worthwhile, so skip bags that you think are worth less than $40.

Keep an eye out for luxury brands: Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Coach, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Tory Burch, Tous, and Versace.

2. Get the most value by choosing an affordable selling service 

Unless you want to spend a massive amount of time and energy listing your handbags in various marketplaces, it’s crucial that you find a selling service. Sella does this and more, listing your designer bags on the sites where they are most likely to sell for the price you want, and in a timely manner. 

Sella offers a simple full-service selling experience for affordable prices. Sella takes care of everything, including:

  • Listing and advertising on the top platforms 
  • Secure storage of and insurance on your handbags 
  • Pickup, packing, and delivery
  • Payment processing

3. How to prepare luxury handbags for sale

Once you’ve found your ideal online selling partner, it’s time to get your luxury bags in tip-top shape to garner the highest price for each one and please the most buyers. Before you send your bags to Sella, we recommend doing the following: 

Clean the interior and exterior

Clear everything out of your bags completely, turning them upside down over a garbage bin to shake out any debris. Take an extra step, and run a lint roller or small vacuum over the inside liner to remove any remaining dust or lint. 

Use the safest and most appropriate cleaning cloth and recommended solution for the material. For instance, use alcohol-free leather wipes for handbags with leather exteriors to remove excess oils and other residues.

Restore and repair worn and damaged handbags

If you have used your luxury bag heavily, you can check with local tailoring and alteration experts to see how much it would take to get it back into its original or near-original condition. Ask for a quote first to ensure the restoration will be worth the sales price. If a complete restoration is too expensive, find out if it’s worth doing a simple repair.

Authenticate your designer bags

Selling counterfeit items online is illegal. Sometimes fakes find their way into the mainstream markets. One way to prove the originality of your luxury handbags is to have them authenticated.

Sella partnered with LegitGrails, a digital authentication service, for authenticating designer items. Their team of fraud prevention experts closely examines all photos of your luxury handbags to confirm they’re genuine.

4. Schedule a drop-off or pickup appointment with Sella 

Once you decide on the items and engage your selling service provider, you will receive a list of upcoming drop-off and pickup options near you. There are hubs in most major cities. If you live outside of typical hub zones and pickup areas, mailing in handbags will make the most sense. 

5. Let the Sella team do the hard work 

When the selling experts have received your items, reviewed them, and developed a unique selling plan, you will need to approve the plan before proceeding. The choice is ultimately yours, you’re in complete control of the prices set for each of your bags.

With your approval, it’s time for our Sella team to get to work and sell your handbags. 

We take and professionally edit photos that showcase your bags in the proper light, recommend strategic pricing suggestions, craft compelling product descriptions that inspire people to buy, and manage your listing on multiple channels.

Our team of experts also handles any front-facing issues like negotiations over pricing and shipping. 

What happens to unsold handbags?

Despite best efforts, there are still situations when items don’t sell. If a handbag doesn’t sell in 60 days, you have the choice to pay it forward or have it sent back to you. The pay-it-forward program is a donation program where we’ll ensure your bag finds a second home and you won’t have to worry about it any longer. The cost of returning the item depends on shipping. Learn more details about your options for getting back unsold designer bags.

6. Sit back and collect the cash

As soon as your return window ends, you can cash out your balance. The windows typically vary from 3-30 days depending on the marketplace the bags are sold through. Learn more about how selling through Sella works

Our team at Sella is excited to become your selling partner and help you sell your beloved used designer handbags for the price range you have in mind and without worry or stress. 

Sella is committed to helping prepare, advertise, market, and ship your luxury handbags to the right buyers ready to pay top dollar for quality goods. Get started today!