Selling stuff is hard.
We make it feel easy.

Here's what to expect at every step.

Figure out what you want to sell

Think about the items in your home you don’t use. Maybe that iPhone you upgraded, or the KitchenAid you never used? Quality stuff in good condition. Gather up these items and tap Get Started. (Important reminder: pricing is calculated per item, so give us the good stuff, not the junk you’re trying to offload.)

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Schedule your appointment

After adding your items, we’ll show you a list of upcoming drop-off appointments near you (or request a pickup for a small fee). We offer drop-offs at Hubs in Portland and Dallas, and Mail-In for nationwide customers. Hubs can only accept items in ready-to-sell condition: clean, with all accessories, and wiped of any personal information.

We prep your items, you approve

Review all the work that went into your unique selling plan: enhanced photos, extensive market research, compelling listing writing, suggested pricing and more. While these are our expert recommendations, the choice is always yours and you always have the final say.

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Sit back while we get to selling

Daily multi-site management, advertising, buyer negotiation, shipping and meetups  – everything it takes to close the deal, we’re on it. Remember: you can edit listings, including pricing, at any time. We’re your selling partner, not a wizard behind a curtain.

Let's get you paid

Your item sold, wahoo! Getting paid with Sella is as easy as cashing out your balance from a money app. When submitting your order, you’ll be prompted to connect your payment details via Stripe, and you can request funds the moment your item’s return window closes.

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Ready to start selling?

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