Buying and selling pre-owned items should be safe and easy.

Our mission

Sella’s mission is to make buying and selling used stuff completely, 100% frictionless. That means tap to buy and tap to sell with confidence, trust and efficiency at every step.

Why? Because buying pre-owned versus new is good for communities, local economies and the environment in more ways than we can count. And because life’s too short to work for profit without a purpose.

Our story

Sella was founded with the goal of fixing the issues we’d experienced when trying to buy and sell stuff on marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay.

When we talked to others, we realized they were facing the same hurdles. Everyone liked the idea of buying and selling pre-owned to save money and reduce waste, but they found the process to be time consuming and sketchy. Shopping on Craigslist was a far cry from Amazon Prime. And selling stuff was even worse. You have to know what you're doing, pick a marketplace (but which one!?) and then spend nights and weekends as a shopkeeper to sell stuff — not to mention giving out personal information to strangers, haggling over the asking price, and waiting around for no shows and tire kickers.

Even the most active sellers only sell 10 - 30% of their stuff on average.

The marketplace itself wasn’t the problem — once an item is listed, existing marketplaces do a great job connecting buyers and sellers. It’s all the other stuff that is unnecessarily time consuming and yes, sometimes risky. So instead of reinventing the marketplace, we built Sella to make it safer and easier for people to buy and sell pre-owned items on the marketplaces you already use.

When you hire us to sell your stuff, we pick it up, prepare it for sale, research prices, craft your listing, respond to buyers and more. We literally handle everything so it’s the easiest sale you’ll ever make. And for shoppers, we make buying on Craigslist feel like Amazon Prime — you get complete, detailed product information, easy online checkout and next day delivery. And you can even return items if there’s an issue.

With every sale we facilitate, we know we're helping someone make — and save! — extra cash. And by giving perfectly good items new life, we're also helping to slow down the cycle of make-use-thow-away, which saves earth’s precious resources and reduces waste.

Thank you for helping us make the world a better place, one preowned item at a time.