We’re on a mission to 10X participation in pre-owned commerce.

Venture backed. Mission forward.

Sella’s mission is to get 100% of pre-loved items out of closets and garages, and back into the hands of people who will use and adore them. Why? Because buying pre-owned versus new is good for communities, local economies and the environment in more ways than we can count.

We’re a small, ventured-backed startup trying to change the world for the better, based out of Portland, Oregon.

Our story

Sella was founded with the goal of fixing the primary friction we ourselves have experienced in the pre-owned space. Namely, no one wants a bunch of valuable used stuff sitting around collecting dust, but for the uninitiated, selling stuff can feel like a time consuming hassle.

When we talked to others, we realized they were facing the same hurdles. If you want to sell pre-owned stuff, you have to know what you're doing, pick a marketplace (but which one!?), and then spend your nights and weekends listing and selling stuff online. Not to mention, you have to be comfortable giving out personal information, haggling over the asking price, and waiting around for the occasional no shows and tire kickers.

For most people, there’s just enough selling friction to think, “I really should sell my stuff… but I’ll get to it next weekend.” Then next weekend turns into next month, and next month turns into next year. As a result there’s an estimated $300B worth of pre-owned stuff in US households, just waiting to be sold.

Over 81% of households said they could use help selling their pre-owned stuff.

But here’s the thing – just like Airbnb, Wag, and countless other peer-powered services, all the necessary ingredients to solve this problem are hiding in plain sight in every neighborhood across the country.

There are tons of people in every neighborhood who love buying and selling preowned stuff, and they do it all the time for fun and profit. What if Sella could make it easier for all those thrifters and resellers to help the rest of us turn clutter into cash?

Thrifters get a fun, flexible, at-home opportunity to make extra cash. Check! 

People with valuable stuff lying around finally have a hassle-free way to turn their clutter into cash. Check! 

And by giving perfectly good items new life, we're helping to slow down the cycle of make-use-thow-away, which saves earth’s precious resources and reduces waste. Check!

That’s a win-win for communities and the planet, and it’s a mission we can really get behind.

If you like what we’re doing as well – get in touch! We believe life’s too short to work for profit without purpose, and we love connecting with smart, kind people who believe in our mission.

Thank you for helping us make the world a better place, one preowned item at a time.