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We help people sell used stuff.

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Got used stuff?

Our 5-Star ReSellas will sell things for you on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, OfferUp and Poshmark.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find out what's worth selling

Our experts will help you figure out what’s worth selling and what to do with the rest.

talk to an expert

2.  5-Star ReSellas sell your stuff

Our certified ReSellas are carefully vetted, insured for $5,000 per item, and backed by Sella's guarantee.

3.  Sit back and cash out

Spend time doing what you love while expert sellers turn your clutter into cash.

Do you love selling used stuff?

Become a ReSella!

Now you can make money helping other people sell their stuff too! It’s fun, rewarding work that you can do at home on your own schedule.

Get started!

Tell us a bit about your stuff, and we'll schedule a call to review your items and figure out how we can help.

Thanks for your interest! We’ve been honored and overwhelmed by inquiries lately, and our team is currently working our way through a 2-3 week backlog. We appreciate your patience and look forward to helping you sell your stuff soon!
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Hi! How can we help?

Check out responses to Frequently Asked Questions below, or get in touch with our friendly support team. You can fill out a brief form to schedule a call, or email support@hellosella.com if you're an existing customer.
Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Yes! In fact, a free consultation is where we like to start. 

Just fill out the form above to tell us a bit about your items and what’s driving the desire to sell & declutter (e.g. are you moving?). Then one of our A+ support folks will follow up by email with additional info and a link to schedule your free consultation. 

On the call, we’ll get as much information as possible about your stuff. Then we’ll answer any questions you might have, talk through your customized plan, and share expectations for working with a Resella. 

If you have items our ReSellas can’t accept, like a shed full of old building materials, or you’d rather sell stuff yourself, we’ll still point you in the right direction!

What items can ReSellas sell for me?

Generally speaking, our ReSellas accept small-ish items that will easily sell for at least $50. Some Resellas might accept larger-ish items, like chairs and bicycles, but the sweet spot is valuable stuff that fits comfortably in a car, and one person can easily carry.

How much does it cost for Resellas to sell my stuff?

With Sella, you decide up front how much you’re willing to pay to have someone sell your stuff. For example, you might offer ReSellas a 25% commission to sell miscellaneous household items, or 50% to sell 6 pairs of mid-value jeans, or just 15% for a laptop and iPad which are high value and sure to sell.

We’ll help you select items that make sense to sell and suggest a commission rate – but ultimately it’s up to you to say what you want to pay.

Can Resellas help with other decluttering projects?

Yes! We know that selling used stuff is just one part of decluttering, so many Resellas offer hourly help for other tasks. ReSellas can help you clear out your garage, make runs to a donation center, or even ferry bags of kids clothing and gear to an appropriate local consignment store.

Can you sell furniture for me?

Most ReSellas don’t accept furniture due the cost and effort required to move and store it. If you have small, valuable items, like a $400 Pottery Barn chair, your ReSella might make an exception, but it’s up to them.

Do you handle storage units or estate sales?

We don’t have the network to directly handle estate sales or storage unit sales (yet!), but we’ll do our best to help you select items that make sense for our ReSellas. For everything else, we’ll refer you to a partner or point you towards the right resources.

Where do I drop off items? Do you offer local pickup?

If your Resella is local, you’ll arrange a convenient time to drop off items at their home. Many Resellas offer pickup as well, and as you might expect, the cost for that service is based on driving distance and time.

Can I ship items to a ReSella?

Yes, but you’ll want to be super selective when choosing items to ship, to a ReSella due to the inherent cost and effort involved. Don’t worry—we’ll help you whittle down your list of items to the ones that make sense!

Are my items insured?

Yep, when you work with Sella, every one of your items is fully insured for $5,000 as soon as it’s in the hands of your ReSella. 

Note: for Mail-In orders, you’ll be responsible for packing, shipping, and insuring items so that they arrive at your ReSella’s home safe and sound. We’ll send you tips and tricks, but we highly recommend taking items to a professional pack-and-ship location, like a UPS Store, if you’re shipping anything fragile

How do I see ReSellas to work with?

You’ll be able to see profiles, reviews, and personal notes from the ReSellas who are interested in working with you.

First, we’ll provide a consultation to help you identify which items you want to sell, how much you’d like to pay, and if there are any other services you’re interested in.

Then, eligible ReSellas will have a chance to take a look over your order, and you’ll get messages from the ReSellas who want to work with you!

At the moment, there’s no way to simply browse through ReSellas or reach out to them directly, without first creating an order of items you’d like to sell.

Who sets the price for my items?

We’ll recommend prices and work with you to set prices, but the final decision is always yours. Specifically, our pricing experts will suggest an Asking Price and a Walk-Away Price for each item, based on seasonality, condition, brand, accessories, active marketplace listings and recent sales. 

Once you've zeroed in on a range that feels right, your ReSella has everything they need to make a sale at the best price possible. They’ll start out listing items at the Asking Price, then slowly lower the price if they’re not getting any interest. ReSellas will never sell an item below your Walk-Away Price.

Since ReSellas (and Sella) make money based on your final sale price, you can trust that we’re all aligned to negotiate hard for every dollar!

Where are items sold?

ReSellas list items on a variety of resale marketplaces, like Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Craigslist, eBay, Poshmark, Mercari and others.

How and when do I get paid?

When a sale is complete, your ReSella will send your payout within 2 days via a payment app you’ve both agreed to up front, e.g. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.

I used Sella in the past… has the service changed?

Welcome back! We’ve made some big changes to improve the experience for customers and ReSellas, and we’d love to work with you again.

Just book a consultation using the form above, and we’ll be happy to answer questions while we show you the latest and greatest.