What to Sell

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Not sure if your item is a good fit for Sella? Searching for inspiration on what to sell with us? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We can sell just about anything that....

Fits in a car

Oversized items are expensive to pick up, store and deliver. To keep your fees low, we focus on the small stuff.

Is easy to handle

While in theory we’d love to sell your fridge, we can only accept items under 40lbs that one person can easily carry.

Makes sense to sell

Antique lamp? Yes. Old gym socks? No. General rule? Stick to items easily worth more than $40.

Top Selling Item Categories

Need some ideas? These are the kinds of items that sell best.


Tools and Home Improvement

Small Appliances

Antiques and Collectibles

Designer Apparel and Accessories

Sports and Hobby Equipment

Why these?

These items are all higher in value, are of a size/weight that can be sold nationally without racking up shipping fees, and tend to be in demand year-round.

So what can't you sell with us?

For the most part, common sense rules when it comes to what items we accept.

Prohibited Items

We can not sell these items for any reason.
Oversize items
and furniture
and edible goods
Unauthenticated designer items
and firearms
and explicit items
Alcohol and tobacco products

Case-by-Case Items

We can sometimes sell these items.
Lot Sales
Lot sales make sense when items aren't worth selling individually, but the set of items together will sell for $50+, e.g. figurines or Xbox games.
Health and Medical Devices
These can be blocked by marketplaces, so we handle them on a case by case basis.
Non-Designer Brand Clothing
High-end designer accessories and outerwear are great, but most pants, tops, and dresses are a better fit for local consignment shops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sell furniture for me?

Will you inspect my garage and help me pick items?

Can you sell my box of assorted clothing?

How much does Sella cost?

How and when do I get paid?

Can I see where your drop off locations are?

Found your inspiration?

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