October 20, 2023

How Much Can I Sell My Hermes For?

“ingrid's birkin” by Yvette Ilagan licensed under CC BY 2.0

How much can I sell my Hermes for?” is likely a question you’ve asked yourself if you have a few notable pieces in your closet that you believe could sell for a decent amount of cash. After all, Hermes is one of the most distinguished designer brands in the world, with some of its handbags worth more than the price of a luxury vehicle.

But there are a few important things to know before you start selling your Hermes items to ensure you get what they’re worth, including how to determine their condition and where to find the right buyers. Continue reading this guide to brush up on the most important factors of selling Hermes for top dollar. 

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Factor #1: Condition

Most buyers will be willing to pay higher prices for Hermes items in pristine condition — or better yet, pieces that haven’t been used at all. However, this isn’t the norm with resale, so condition is the priority if you have used pieces.

Carefully examine your Hermes item for tears, stains, missing pieces, or anything else that might affect its value. Depending on what you’re selling, an issue with its condition could knock down the price by hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

For example, the Hermes Birkin bag is one of the most popular Hermes pieces to date, with some of them selling used for $30,000 or more. However, if they were to have tarnished hardware or a non-working zipper, you might not be able to sell your bag for more than $8,000 — quite the pay cut for such a valuable item.

If any damage is potentially repairable by a trusted reconditioner, you should consider spending some money upfront to repair your items, which could lead to a significant jump in pricing when you’re ready to sell.

Factor #2: Authenticity

Lausanne, Switzerland - August 24 ,2022 : Signboard at the luxury store Hermess with logo

When selling Hermes items, authenticity is as important as their condition. Buyers want to know they’re spending money on authentic Hermes bags, scarves, and clothing. Otherwise, they aren’t getting the value they’re willing to pay for. 

Hermes bags come with logo stamps that are easy to snap a picture of to include in your listings. Take photos of hardware, stitching, and the Hermes signature padlock and key, too. Also, photograph leather pieces close up, paying particular attention to the details in the leather. This is a good way to highlight the slight texture and color variations that appear in genuine Hermes leather.

If you sell Hermes items with Sella, we’ll help you authenticate them through LegitGrails, our authentication partner. In most cases, authentications take less than 48 hours and provide you with a certificate of authentication to include with your listings.

Factor #3: Type of Marketplace and Buyers

Because Hermes is a niche brand for a specific type of buyer, the marketplaces you choose matter. For example, selling on Craigslist could make your sales quick and easy, but it’s less likely that you’ll find buyers willing to pay exactly what your Hermes bags are worth.

On the other hand, selling on eBay or Poshmark opens the doors to buyers across the country who are interested in and explicitly looking for Hermes bags. It’s not uncommon to see Hermes items sell for $10,000 or more at these online marketplaces.

Factor #4: Seasonality

Consider listing seasonal Hermes items, like bags trending for spring or jackets and scarves for winter, when they make the most sense. For example, people looking for a Hermes scarf are more likely to start searching in September than in April. 

Also, think about upcoming holidays. High-value Hermes items might sell best around Valentine’s Day or Christmas when people shop for gifts. 

Let Sella Help You Sell Your Designer Hermes Goods

Hermes items typically sell for anywhere from $100 to $30,000 or more, with the highest prices reserved for the brand’s most coveted items: bags. Where you sell and the condition you sell it in make a difference. 

When you’re ready to find the best marketplaces for your Hermes items, work with Sella. We photograph, authenticate, write descriptions for, and list your Hermes items on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, and more. We’ll even negotiate with buyers to get you a final price you’re comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to sell a Hermes bag?

Selling Hermes bags can be challenging because of their generally high price tags. It’s best to use marketplaces where Hermes fans usually browse, like eBay and Poshmark, to have the best chances of finding the right buyer willing to pay what your Hermes bags are worth. 

Can you make money reselling Hermes?

Absolutely. Hermes has some of the best resale values of all designer brands, especially its bags, scarves, and shoes. Several Hermes bags have resale values of more than $10,000, while others sell for over $30,000.

What’s the best way to sell a used Hermes bag?

Before selling a used Hermes bag, have the item authenticated by a trusted professional. Also, to prove its condition and authenticity to buyers, take up-close photos of the bag’s details, like its hardware, leather texture, and padlock.