October 29, 2022

Best-Selling Seasonal Items That You Need To Know

The holidays are a time for cozying up with family and also a time of gift-giving. With the holidays rolling around, the demand for seasonal items will be at an all-time high, and chances are you can reap the benefits. The cold temperatures and Christmas bring endless opportunities for selling items you have lying around your house and are no longer using. Let’s cover the best-selling seasonal items that are sure to bring you some serious cash

Best-Selling Seasonal Items

1. Holiday Items

Getting into the holiday spirit can come hand in hand with decorating your home, so naturally, some of the best-selling seasonal items include all kinds of decorations:  

  1. Lighted outdoor yard decorations 
  2. Cascade lights & falling rain lights 
  3. Artificial Christmas tree
  4. Inflatable Christmas decorations 
  5. Vintage Christmas ornaments 

You can expect to sell these types of items anywhere from $40 for lights or upwards of $350+ for inflatable decorations. 

2. Outdoor Gear

Besides decorating for the holidays, the winter season also brings outdoor activities to the forefront. With temperatures dropping across the country, people resort to skiing and other winter sports to stay busy. Here is some gear you can sell this season: 

  1. Winter boots
  2. Snowblower
  3. Skiing equipment 
  4. Ice skating equipment 
  5. Snowboarding equipment  

The set selling prices go from $50 for boots to $200+ for skiing equipment, depending on the item's condition.

3. Toys & Games

Every kid's dream this holiday season! These toys and gifts make it to the top of the hottest seasonal items:

  1. Stuffed animals
  2. Play kitchen or playhouse
  3. Power wheel   
  4. Video games  
  5. Gaming console 

Stuffed animals typically sell for $30, and bigger items like a playhouse or power wheel can sell for $200+. 

4. Electronics 

Electronics are popular year long, but especially during the holiday season. The following electronics make splendid gifts:   

  1. TV
  2. Cellphone 
  3. Generator 
  4. Electric blanket
  5. Heater 

This category of items can be especially lucrative. Item price tags range from $85 for heaters to $3,000 for TVs, depending on the model and size. 

5. Home Equipment 

Cold temperatures and snow are also an excuse to stay indoors. Here is a list of home equipment you can sell: 

  1. Exercise equipment 
  2. Indoor bike 
  3. Treadmill 
  4. Snow blower
  5. Crockpot  
  6. Blender 

Snow blowers and the like go for $700+, while indoor workout gear like peloton bikes can bring in over $1,000+, depending on the condition and model. 

Other Seasonal Items 

Every season brings in opportunities to meet demand in the market for certain items, so besides winter, we wanted to cover some best-selling seasonal items for every season of the year. 

Fall Season 

Fall is characterized by a change in the color of trees and shorter daylight times starting around mid-September to mid-December. This season also offers ample opportunities to sell the following items: 

  • Waterproof boots - sold for $45+ 
  • Waterproof coats - sold for $30+ 
  • Halloween costumes - sold for $25+ 
  • Halloween decorations - sold for $20+ 
  • Shoe-dryer - sold for $50+ 
  • Fishing equipment - sold for $20+ 

Spring Season 

From mid March to mid June vegetation begins to bloom and the weather starts getting warmer. Some popular items with a high demand during this season include: 

  • Garden tools - sold for $25+
  • Easter decorations - sold for $10+ 
  • BBQ accessories and tools - sold for $25+ 
  • Garden and terrace furniture - sold for $100+ 
  • Hiking gear - sold for $25+ 

Summer Season 

Summer vacation and hot temperatures bring the following items demand to an all-time high during mid-June through mid-September: 

  • Portable hammock - sold for $20+
  • Bluetooth speaker - sold for $25+
  • Beach umbrella - sold for $25+ 
  • Fan - sold for $20+
  • Beach chair - sold for $30+
  • Tent - sold for $100+ 
  • Ice cream maker - sold for $20+
  • Inflatable items - sold for $10+ 
  • AC unit  - sold for $40+ 
  • Surfing board - sold for $150+ 
  • Inflatable pools - sold for $15+ 

Where to Sell Your Items to optimize your ROI 

You now know the what and the where, but how do you make sure you’re selling your items for the best price? It is one thing to know what items are the best to sell and another thing to go through the process of selling said item. With a proven process, Sella can list items for you. All you have to do is hand over your items and we’ll do the rest—you hire us to sell your seasonal items.

Here are some best practices our experts follow when you entrust Sella to list your seasonal items online:

  • Research: We do research around pricing so that we don’t under or over price your items and price based on the correct make and model. 
  • Photos & Description: It's important that your images are representative of the quality of the product and your listing is written to sell. We take care of this by taking high-quality photos and creating a listing that is descriptive and captivating. 
  • Cross-promotion:  All online marketplaces are not created equal. We list your items in all the top places in order to make sure we get the most we can as fast as possible.

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