May 11, 2023

10 Top Online Consignment Stores (Declutter Your Home)

Sammsara via Pexels

Online consignment stores are having a moment. You may have seen ads for some stores’ apps, for example, touting how easy it is to list and sell your items right from your smartphone.

And it’s true: online consignment shops are a solid option if you’re searching for a new home for pre-loved pieces, including furniture. Using an online consignment shop could help you clear out tables, chairs, and couches you longer need or want, while making you some cash in the process.

But which site should you use? Sit back and relax, because we’ve done all the homework for you. Below, we’ll reveal the top 10 sites where you can sell or give away your furniture. But first …

How Does Consignment Work Online?

Online consignment stores sell your furniture for you in exchange for a commission fee. They typically take a percentage of the final sale price (usually around 40%).

Not sure if you should consign online in the first place? Start by taking a good look at your furniture and doing some research. If your pieces are designer, new or nearly-new, or if you find that similar pieces are in demand on the resale market, then consignment is likely a good option.

If your items are less valuable, or if a consignment store has already turned you down, then you might try donating your pieces to a thrift shop instead. 

To sell through an online consignment store, you’ll typically need to upload photos of your items, write descriptions for each piece, include shipping or pickup details, and then wait for a buyer. It can take time for your furniture to sell, so it helps to be patient!

Tips for Selling Your Furniture Online

If you hope to make a profit, you’ll want to sell previously-used furniture that is clean, fully functional, and in good shape. Minor flaws are OK, but make sure to be upfront about them in your listing. Including photos of defects or flaws will help reassure prospective buyers that they know what they’re getting.

Here are other tips for selling your furniture on an online consignment shop:


  • Include your furniture piece’s height, width, and depth in your listing. Potential buyers will want to know if your shelving unit will fit through their front door, for example, and along their living room wall.  


  • Take clear pictures of what you’re selling– no blurry images, please.
  • Showcase your item from different angles, and make sure there’s nothing distracting in the background.
  • Shoot closeups of any fabric, patterns, or textures that may be difficult to see from a distance.
  • Don’t use flash, since this can leave a glare on your images. Instead, snap photos in a location with plenty of natural light.
  • Skip the filters so you can show potential buyers what your furniture really looks like.


  • To get a sense for fair pricing, look at other listings for the type of furniture you want to sell.
  • Decide on your approach: do you want to maximize your profit, or do you want to sell your pieces quickly? Do you have a firm price in mind, or are you open to bargaining? If the latter is true, you might consider setting a higher asking price and preparing for negotiation to drive down the price.
  • When setting your asking price, take into account costs like packing, shipping, and insuring your item.  

Our Top 10 Online Consignment Stores

Ready to start selling? Check out these online consignment shops:

1. AptDeco

AptDeco guides users through the selling process, offering features like photo enhancement and tips on  listing details. They also have a pricing tool that recommends competitive prices and a team that will pick up your furniture and deliver it to your buyer. These are great services, but there is one caveat: AptDeco only operates in the Northeastern United States.

2. Apartment Therapy Bazaar 

Apartment Therapy Bazaar is your destination for selling antique, vintage, and second-hand designer furniture. The site will guide you through the listing process step-by-step, prompting you to enter your item’s category, write a description, enter shipping and location information, and upload photos. You can list your items for free and boost your listings for $1 each.

3. Chairish

If you’re looking to sell high-value or collectible furnishings, then Chairish might be for you. After you create your account and add a comprehensive listing, Chairish will get to work reviewing your listing. Chairish curators may tweak your listing title or imagery to improve SEO, while still ensuring that your listing is honest and authentic.

4. Craigslist 

This online classified ads site enables you to sell or give away your furniture locally. Creating a listing and uploading photos is free, quick and easy. Just make sure to include all the details about your item, including measurements– this will cut down on the number of messages you receive requesting more information. You can also exchange messages with potential buyers to discuss price and pickup or delivery. 

5. eBid

Similar to eBay, eBid is attractive because of its low commission fees. List your furniture for free and use eBid’s interface to select a category, upload photos, and write a detailed description, so potential buyers can find your item. Sell your furniture at auction or with a fixed price, and use the local pickup option for heavier items that are too difficult to ship. 

6. Everything But The House

Everything But The House (EBTH) is the site for you if you want to have an online estate sale, or if you have at least a handful of desirable furnishings to sell. One big benefit of EBTH is the site will catalog, photograph, and list all your items in an auction — so who knows, with their expert work, you may get a lot more for that armchair than you expected. EBTH, which operates in 27 cities across the country, also handles pickup, shipping, and payments.

7. Kaiyo

Kaiyo says it focuses on keeping top-quality furniture out of landfills and in people’s homes. It’s easy to sell on the site: simply submit a listing, and Kaiyo will review it within one business day. They’ll even come pick up your furniture, free of charge, if you’re in their service area. In addition, they’ll also store it, clean it, and deliver it to the buyer. Kaiyo also makes instant offers on select items, so sellers can cash out without waiting for their item to sell. 

8. Mercari 

Mercari is a free and user-friendly app you can use to sell your furniture. Like with other sites, it’s easy to upload photos, describe your items, set prices, and then choose shipping options. What makes Mercari stand out is their investment in buyer and seller safety. For example, Mercari guarantees payments, so you don’t have to worry about losing any money, and prohibits in-person meetups. Sellers are also required to ship whatever they sell, either on their own or through one of Mercari’s shipping partners.

9. OfferUp

A free app for selling or giving away items locally, OfferUp says you can post your furniture in under 30 seconds by simply photographing it with your phone. Use OfferUp to message with potential buyers and check out their ratings from past sellers, so you can get a sense of who they are. You can also view buyers’ transaction histories on this site.

10. Viyet

Luxury consignment e-tailer Viyet is a great bet if you want to sell high-end furniture pieces worth at least $1,000. The site lists all items with a “make an offer” option, so buyers can bargain with sellers, who can then respond with counteroffers. Delivery is typically white-glove and handled by the site, and commissions can be higher if you have more than 20 items to sell. You can also take advantage of Viyet’s in-home consultations to facilitate the pricing and listing process.

Consignment Online: The Last Word

Using an online consignment shop to sell or give away your pre-loved furniture is a good way to get your items in front of lots of potential buyers. Some sites even have teams to come pick up your furniture, making the process super easy and super convenient, too.

As with any online transaction, be careful when interacting with potential buyers. Trust your gut if something seems fishy– you can always turn someone down. And, remember to list your items with detailed descriptions, a variety of clear photos, and details on shipping, pickup, and/or delivery.

Finally, if you’re selling items other than furniture, you can also check out Sella. We’re a service that sells your stuff online for you, so you don’t have to worry about researching pricing, taking photos, or even deciding which online marketplaces to use. Sella handles reselling at every step of the way, so you’ll have money in your pocket (and extra space in your place) before you know it! Learn more about popular items to sell on Sella here.