March 28, 2023

How Much Can I Sell My Nintendo Switch for?

Image by Michael Adeleye via Pexels

Thinking about selling your Nintendo Switch? One of the first things you’ll want to know is how much you can sell your Nintendo Switch for and what your asking price should be. There are several factors to consider when it comes to pricing used gaming consoles, accessories, and games. Having a strong pricing strategy helps you get top dollar for your Nintendo Switch — and sell it fast.  

In general, if your used Nintendo Switch console is in good working condition, you can expect to sell it for $139 to $215, but there are many things that can influence pricing. The Nintendo Switch OLED model, for example, fetches even higher prices, up to $313. In this article, we’ll discuss how different factors impact what buyers are willing to pay for a used Nintendo Switch, and how to come up with the right asking and walk-away prices. 


While you can sell a Nintendo Switch at any time of year, there are certain times when you might be able to get a higher price for it. For instance, during the lead-up to a gift-giving holiday such as Christmas, Eid, or Easter, more buyers are likely to be scouring online marketplaces for deals on high-end electronics and gaming gear. If you’re selling your Nintendo Switch during the holiday shopping season, you can set an asking price towards the higher end of the range, from about $200 - $215. Or, if you have the OLED model, you might consider asking $300 - $313.

Your Selling Goals

Do you want to sell your Nintendo Switch as quickly as possible, or do you want to make the maximum possible profit? If you’re looking for a quick sale, set a lower asking price (ideally, lower than comparable listings) to attract more potential buyers. If you’re looking for maximum profit, you should set a higher asking price, but you may need to wait longer to make a sale.  

Your Switch’s Condition 

Does your Nintendo Switch work? What model is it? Does it have any software issues, and what does the body of your Switch look like? These are all questions you’ll want to ask when setting your price. A minor scuff on a controller probably won’t be a deal-breaker for many buyers; a Switch that has multiple cosmetic flaws will. Not only is such a Nintendo Switch clearly used, but many buyers see surface damage as evidence that the device wasn’t well cared for. 

The condition of your Nintendo Switch is one of the most important pricing factors. How much it impacts the ideal selling price depends on the severity of the flaws and how much they affect the Switch’s performance. If there are software issues, you might consider getting it fixed before listing it for sale, especially if what you could gain in profit exceeds the repair cost.  

Included Accessories

Including accessories with your Nintendo Switch increases the value of the bundle. It’s convenient for buyers because they won’t have to search around and purchase the accessories they need from other sellers or retailers. 

Selling your Nintendo Switch with accessories ensures that buyers know exactly what they’re paying for the different things they need. When they have to purchase accessories elsewhere, they may end up going over budget.

Included Games

Like accessories, a Nintendo Switch bundle that includes games is more valuable than a Nintendo Switch alone. It’s also an extra convenience for buyers, because they can start playing games immediately after they receive it. Unless they have other Switch games they acquired elsewhere, they won’t be able to do much with the console alone. 

Conversely, without a Nintendo Switch console, you won’t get much use out of your games, so it makes sense to include at least one or two to boost the value of your bundle. Nintendo Switch bundles that include accessories and games can sell for $200 to $300 or even higher, depending on what’s included. 

Current Marketplace Buyer Trends

Take a look at the marketplaces where you plan to list your Nintendo Switch. If most gaming consoles and related items have been listed for a long time, it’s a sign that buyers aren’t jumping on gaming listings currently. While that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your Switch, you might need to accept a lower price if your listing doesn’t get much interest. 

Recent Comparison Sales

Take a look at what gaming consoles have been selling for. Does it appear that there are a lot of price reductions? Depending on the marketplace, you may not have access to data like the final sale price, but it’s worth taking the time to review and look for insights into what buyers are willing to pay in the current market. 

For instance, at the time of this writing, there are more than 14,000 results for “Nintendo Switch” listings that have sold just on eBay. Reviewing these can give you an idea of how sale prices are impacted by included games or accessories, cosmetic flaws, hardware or software issues, etc. 

The Selling Platform 

The marketplace you’re listing your Nintendo Switch on plays a big role in what you can sell it for. Buyers on some marketplaces are more likely to jump on good deals, while on others, they might always negotiate for your bottom-line price. 

Another consideration is how many other Nintendo Switch listings yours will be competing with. If there are dozens of other Nintendo Switches for sale on a given marketplace, a lower price might be the only way to compete. 

Your Selling Partner

Are you working with a selling partner to sell your Nintendo Switch? When you partner with Sella to sell your Nintendo Switch, our experts help you set the right asking price and walk-away price, prep your Switch and any accessories or games, take photos, and handle any other legwork necessary to create an attention-grabbing listing. Then, we’ll list your Nintendo Switch on five marketplaces and handle managing the listings, negotiating with buyers, and arranging meetups or shipping. 

In other words, it’s a straightforward and mostly hands-off process, and you get to keep 90% of the profit. But you’re not sacrificing control for convenience: you have the final say on pricing and your listing details, and you’re free to make changes at any time. Learn more about how Sella works or register now to sell your Nintendo Switch with Sella.   


In general, most Nintendo Switches sell for between $120 to $313 on online marketplaces, but some will sell for far less, and some will sell for more. Taking an honest look at the factors above will help you set a reasonable asking price for your Nintendo Switch.