October 29, 2022

Why You Need to Hire Someone to Sell Your Stuff

Why You Need to Hire Someone to Sell Your Stuff

Reckoning with how much stuff is taking up space and collecting dust in your house? It’s time to remember the trusted old saying: one person’s junk is another’s treasure.

But how do you help others find that treasure? If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of selling online, you’re not alone. That’s where hiring a partner to help you sell pre-owned items comes in. 

Here are five reasons explaining why it makes more sense to let the experts (like the Sella team!) help you out. 

Selling Your Stuff Online Can Be Complicated and Time-Consuming

When you’re trying to sell your own items online, it takes a lot of research. If you're not in retail or an avid online bargain hunter, you might not know how or where to sell your item on the internet. Plus, you’ll have to figure out what you want to price your items at—and that’s a time-consuming process. Finding the answers to these questions and teaching yourself about the ins and outs of online marketplaces can feel like a second job! You want to sell this stuff to reduce clutter and stress in your life, not take on a new part-time gig. 

Having experts on your side who know where and how to list your item is the ideal solution. With the right partner, you’ll get industry experts on your side who can help you answer these questions, as well as let you know when specific items are decreasing in price so you can take advantage of the best time to sell. 

Sella can help you succeed in selling online—without the steep learning curve.

With Multiple Listing Locations, You’ll Maximize Your Chances

With an expert partner, their team will post your items on multiple sites including Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. More listings on more sites mean more eyeballs on your items, which increases the chances of selling. 

While you can tackle creating and managing multiple listings across sites, you’d have to make an account on each site, familiarize yourself with each site's terms and conditions (and eccentricities!), and rewrite the same information about your item over and over–not to mention having to constantly monitor each site to see if you have any offers. 

Doesn’t that make you exhausted just reading it? There’s a way you can list your products on multiple locations and maximize your listings—without navigating all the tiresome steps on your own. 

Don’t Worry About Marketing

As mentioned above, learning how to sell your items online can be a steep learning curve. Part of that learning process is figuring out how to best present your items, including titling your listing, photographing the product, and choosing the most important keywords for the description. That’s a lot to handle. 

Hiring an expert partner means you delegate this key part of the selling process—the marketing—to people who know how to do it best. For instance, our team at Sella helps people with taking well-lit and clear photos and writing an appealing description tailored to each online marketplace's specifications. All of these details increase your item's chance of selling at the best price—and all without extra work on your part.

Shipping and Handling Is Handled 

When's the last time you shipped something bulky or fragile? It's probably been a while, and there's good reason for that. Figuring out packaging and calculating shipping costs can be a headache. 

These complications can be compounded by shipping items that have multiple parts or weird shapes. Sometimes, this can even stop you from trying to sell an item, so it keeps taking up space in your home. Having a service who uses their expertise to handle the shipping of your items can be a huge relief. 

If you want to make matters even easier, Sella can pick items up from your house so you don't have to worry about transporting them!

No Costly Commissions

You might expect for a service that sells your items for you to take a big chunk out of your earnings—but, with the right partner, that's actually not true. If you’re looking for a stress-free path for hiring someone else to sell your items for you, but you’re worried that you’ll lose out on your earnings, read on.

At Sella, we charge a flat rate instead of a commission. Plus, we're transparent about our prices and provide a clear pricing chart. You actually pay the same rate whether you have a super expensive item or not. 

Curious what else you can sell? Check this out—you might be surprised by what you can get money for online.

Ready for the Next Step?

Selling your stuff online might feel like an item on your to-do list that you'll never get around to. With the help of a service like Sella, this to-do isn’t as time-consuming and stressful as you imagined. 

Sella allows you to delegate all the most burdensome parts of selling online without having to relinquish full control of the process. Plus, our team is super communicative— we will send you updates so you can revise each listing and add your personal input. You also always get final approval of pricing and purchases. Learn more about how it works

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