February 21, 2023

What High-End Electronics Can I Sell to Make Money?

It seems technology is evolving at the speed of light. Many of us buy a new phone only to learn that an improved version is coming out in the blink of an eye.

It feels like you have to buy new devices to keep up, which begs the question… After you purchase new electronics, what do you do with the old ones? 

Old technology still works perfectly fine, so it seems wasteful and bad for the environment to throw them away. Fortunately, there are many people interested in buying used and older equipment online—especially high-end electronics.

If you're unfamiliar with how to sell online, here’s an ideal solution. Sella will work with eager buyers on your behalf. Instead of worrying about how to safely and conveniently deal with buyers on your own, you can rely on experts to lead you through the process.

Let’s look at which high-end electronics make money and how to go about selling them online through Sella.

What high-end electronics can I sell to make money? 

Are you looking to sell high-end electronics to make money? Some examples of highly desired items to consider include:

  • Cell phones, tablets, computers, and laptops
  • Digital cameras, photography, and video recording equipment
  • Musical instruments/equipment and audiophile headphones
  • Gaming equipment like consoles, graphic cards, and mechanical keyboards
  • Drones and remote control planes or helicopters
  • Power tools like those made by Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee
  • Fitness equipment like Stairmasters and tanning beds
  • eFoils (electric surfboards), eScooters, and electric skateboards

It's important to remember that the most in-demand products usually come from high-end brands. For instance, any Apple product, such as an iPhone or iPad, is a sure bet for selling at a noteworthy price. Top-tier Samsung devices are also popular.

Gaming consoles are another popular category of electronics to consider selling. Additionally, vintage or limited edition electronics, like a new-in-box original Nintendo, hold a special appeal in the hearts of collectors and can fetch an impressive price.

Even the printer you haven't used in a year could earn you some money, especially if it was highly rated and from a reputable brand when you bought it.

If you need help figuring out which devices to sell, Sella is here to help. Our experts can help you understand what electronics will sell and what won't.

Is reselling electronics profitable?

Yes, reselling electronics can be profitable with the right strategy. The profitability will depend on things like the condition, demand, and current market values. The cost of selling is an important consideration, keeping in mind shipping and listing fees. With planning and research, selling electronics can be a profitable venture. 

We design our approach to selling your electronics with affordability and convenience in mind. We achieve this by leveraging smart technology and a network of resale experts who work to get the most money for your device. When your item sells, we pay out all the service providers involved and provide you with 90% of the profit—ensuring a fair price for your electronics.

How much should you sell used electronics for? 

First, you need to make sure the device in question works. If it doesn't work, that's okay. You might still be able to sell it online. However, its functionality limits the number of interested buyers. Expect a lower price for items with limited functionality or needing repair. Once you've checked whether or not a device operates, the next step is researching to figure out its value.

There are many factors when determining the price of a used electronic device beyond condition, including the manufacturing year, brand, and whether or not it was a limited edition. You can look up comparable items in online marketplaces to figure out the most appropriate prices. 

If you want to save time doing research, another option is to rely on Sella's expertise. Our work is navigating online sites where people sell used electronics, so we understand the market. 

Once you employ Sella's help, we can advise you on the ideal price for your electronics as well as the ideal time to sell them. We regularly update the prices of posted items as well as do a complimentary refresh of every posted item after 30 days.

How do I package the electronics I want to sell?

You want to be sure to clean your items inside and out before you package them. Make sure to wipe them of any personal data and information as well as wipe off any dust on their surfaces.

Remember to make sure the electronics have all of their parts. Customers expect their products to arrive with all of the original components included.

If you're nervous about the prospect of using bubble wrap and tape on your old electronics, Sella offers local pickup in some areas. Sella will retrieve your item and then package them ourselves, so you don't need to worry about this aspect of the selling process.


Considering the constantly advancing technology in the world, it's crucial to give thought to what to do with old electronics. You shouldn't waste them; instead, sell them and earn some extra cash!

Sella offers a secure, convenient, and economical solution to selling your used high-end electronics online. Our team of specialists will take care of everything, including listing your item, communicating with buyers, and providing safe payment options. Sella can help you turn your older devices into cash.

Do not hesitate to sign up with Sella today and start selling!