September 14, 2023

Best Places to Sell Gucci: Where Can I Sell My Gucci Items?

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Collecting Gucci can be fun and exciting for fans of the brand. Luxury pieces like designer shoes and handbags expand your closet and give you more options to accessorize your outfits. But what do you do with Gucci items when they no longer fit your needs, or you want to make room for new pieces?

Selling marketplaces can make it easy and convenient for you to clean out your closet and make money at the same time. Some of the best places to sell Gucci are online marketplaces, but you can also use the help of some of these marketplaces to find local buyers if you prefer. 

Each marketplace includes its own features and commission structures, making their selling experiences differ from one another. Note that fees on online marketplaces are subject to change, so be sure to check for current fees before listing your items. Learn about the best places to sell Gucci and discover the best options for you.

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Sell Gucci on Poshmark

Gucci belt on a table with a Gucci box or bag and candle
Photo by Katelyn Whitson from Pexels

Poshmark is an online marketplace for selling fashion and items for the home. Many sellers focus solely on designer brands, and Gucci is a buyer favorite here.

To begin selling on Poshmark, you create your own virtual closet where you list items for buyers to browse on the website or via the Poshmark mobile app. The community currently features over 80 million people who sell and buy, creating an active environment to help you sell your Gucci items quickly.

Gucci bags are among the top Gucci items to list here, with prices ranging from $800 to more than $3,000, depending on the style and condition. Gucci accessories, like watches, glasses, and shoes, are also quite popular here, often selling for hundreds of dollars.

Poshmark charges $2.95 for its fee on sales under $15 and takes 20% of the sales price for sales of $15 or more. 

Sell Gucci on Mercari

Mercari is another place to consider selling Gucci. Although it’s not as fashion-focused as Poshmark, Mercari does allow sellers to list clothing and accessories, including those from designer brands like Gucci. Currently, Mercari has thousands of authenticated Gucci items for sale.

Mercari is a good option for lower-priced Gucci accessories rather than high-value handbags and other coveted Gucci items, as the latter typically sells best with more targeted buyers. Consider selling your Gucci belts, perfumes, watch and jewelry boxes, or t-shirts here. However, some Gucci bags list for $5,000 or more on Mercari.

It’s free to create a listing on Mercari, but the platform charges 10% of the sale price once your item sells. You’ll also pay a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.50 per sale, although there are no additional charges incurred for direct deposits of $10 or more into your bank account. 

Sell Gucci on eBay

Shoes next to a Gucci bag on a stylish carpet
Photo by Harper Sunday from Pexels

If you want to auction your Gucci items, potentially running up their sales price to people looking to pay top dollar for Gucci, eBay is the place to do it. The online auction website has become famous for some of the biggest sales on the internet, including a $168 million yacht and a whole town in Texas that sold for $3.8 million. You can even sell only to local buyers if you’d like.

It’s also one of the best places to sell Gucci bags and other accessories. If you don’t want to take the chance of not selling your items for enough in an auction, you can use a fixed-price listing instead to name the sales price. Many of these listings are in the hundreds, but several vintage or limited Gucci items are listed for $10,000 or more.

If you don’t list 250+ items per month on eBay, you won’t have listing fees. Instead, you get charged based on the amount your items sell for, with varying fee percentages for different listing categories.

Final Thoughts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gucci’s resale value good?

Absolutely. Gucci is a luxury brand that fashion enthusiasts love and are willing to pay high prices for, so many of its pieces continue to grow in value when kept in good condition. Authenticated Gucci items typically have a higher resale value than non-authenticated items.

Where is the best place to sell a designer purse?

Places like Poshmark and eBay are excellent places to sell designer purses from Gucci and other luxury brands. Be sure to authenticate designer purses and show plenty of photos of their stitching and hardware to prove their authenticity to potential buyers.

Where can I sell a Gucci bag for cash near me?

Try eBay for local Gucci bag sales, which gives you the option of selling only to nearby buyers. You can also look for consignment shops in your area that buy authentic Gucci bags.