August 25, 2023

Best Places to Sell Chanel: Where Can I Sell My Chanel for the Best Price?

Photo by Antony Trivet from Pexels

Chanel is one of the most well-known designer brands worldwide, thanks to its stylish fashion, eyewear, jewelry, fragrances, and more. Some Chanel products, like clothing, shoes, and watches, hold their values surprisingly well, making them excellent items for resellers.

Whether you’re interested in cleaning out your stash of Chanel clothing and accessories or you want to start a Chanel resale business venture, this guide can help you find the best places to sell Chanel. Online marketplaces are convenient for sellers, potentially getting your Chanel products in front of thousands more people to sell as quickly as possible for the prices you expect.

The following marketplaces each have their own fees and commission structures associated with their services, which we’ve noted in each description. Be aware that these fees can change over time, so it’s important to check each website’s policy before listing.

Sell Chanel on Poshmark

Chanel watch
Image by Antony Trivet from Pixabay

Poshmark is one of the most popular online marketplaces for people to buy and sell fashion and home goods. Sellers can create their own closets on Poshmark and upload their items for sale whenever they want, right from the Poshmark app. Poshmark provides prepaid shipping labels to help sellers get their sold items straight to buyers as quickly as possible.

Not surprisingly, Chanel is a wildly popular brand on Poshmark, with shoes, jewelry, and handbags among the most common to sell. Depending on the item, Chanel items typically list for anywhere from $200 to $5,000+ on Poshmark. Poshmark’s fee structure is relatively simple, too: the company takes $2.95 for any sale under $15 and 20% commission for sales of $15 or more. 

Sell Chanel on eBay

eBay is one of the longest-running buying and selling websites on the internet, hanging onto tremendous popularity for collectors of all kinds, including Chanel fashion. In fact, eBay has several categories dedicated to Chanel, with sellers listing makeup and skincare products, watches, fragrances, and shoes from the luxury brand.

eBay is an excellent place to list high-value Chanel items, especially if you want to auction them to see how much someone is willing to pay. However, fixed-price sales are also allowed here to ensure you get the selling price you want. 

The caveat is that eBay’s fee structure can get a bit confusing, especially for people who haven’t sold on the platform before. eBay charges a fee when you list an item and again when it sells, and those fees can vary by the category you list in and the sales price. Therefore, some sellers choose to set their prices a bit higher than their target price on eBay to account for the fees. 

Sell Chanel on Mercari

Closeup of a Chanel handbag
Photo by Karolina Nova via Pexels

Mercari is an online marketplace for selling just about anything, especially vintage items and collectibles. Sellers place some designer items here too, including Chanel handbags, shoes, and accessories. 

However, you usually don’t see Chanel items priced over $1,000 on Mercari, likely because the higher-value items typically sell on more fashion-focused marketplaces, like Poshmark, or places like eBay with a massive audience. Instead, you might sell your lower-value Chanel products here, like fragrances, makeup, or gently worn shoes. 

Mercari doesn’t charge fees to list items, but it takes a minimum of a 10% commission when an item sells. Additionally, requesting an instant cashout of your funds deducts a $3 fee, but opting for a standard direct deposit is free for transfers of at least $10.

Sell Chanel on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has come a long way since its early days of local selling to Facebook users. Now, sellers can ship items all over the country, allowing items of higher value to make their way to the people who want to buy them. 

As a result, Chanel items can list in the thousands here. It’s important to be aware that Facebook Marketplace’s seller’s protection only covers items selling for $2,000 or less, though.

There are no listing fees for Facebook Marketplace, but you will pay a fee to sell items. Items sold above $8 are subject to a 5% transaction fee, while those below $8 get a $0.40 fee deducted. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chanel have resale value?

Yes, especially more recently. According to Sotheby’s, Chanel resale prices have reached some of their highest points in 2023, with rare bags offering some of the best resale values. 

Which Chanel items have the best resale value?

Chanel handbags tend to warrant the best resale prices, especially bags from previous seasons that had very limited numbers made, making them rare finds. Some jewelry pieces, watches, and shoes can also resell well, especially if they’re in excellent condition. 

Is Chanel still a good investment?

Yes. Chanel resellers are seeing some of the best returns on their investments in 2023. When it comes to Chanel, investing in classics is usually the best strategic route. They hold onto their value well and, as time passes, can increase exponentially in value.