Sell your PS5

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We sell your PS5 for you without the hassle

Sell Your PS5

If you’re not using your PlayStation 5 much anymore — or maybe you’re not using it at all — why not sell it with Sella to make some quick cash? 

The PS5 is the most recent release from PlayStation, although we may soon see a PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim. Because it’s still in demand, it’s among the most popular video game consoles on resale marketplaces. 

Maybe you’ve never sold something on resale marketplaces and it feels overwhelming, or maybe you have in the past but find the process overly complicated and time-consuming. There are many decisions to make: 

  • What marketplaces should you list your PS5 on? 
  • What should you write in your listing description to grab attention? 
  • What should your asking price be? Is it the best price to make a quick sale? 
  • How can you make top dollar when selling your PS5? 

With Sella’s smart technology and simple pricing structure, it’s easy to sell your PlayStation 5 for maximum profit. 

How to Sell Your PS5 with Sella

Selling your PS5 with Sella is simple. 

  1. Get your PS5 to us: There are a few ways to do this. Mail it to us from anywhere in the U.S., or if you’re local to Dallas or Portland, just drop your PS5 off at a Sella Hub. If you don't want to (or can't) leave your home, you can schedule a pickup for a small fee.
  1. We do all the hard work: Our resale experts get your PS5 ready for sale by taking high-quality photos and writing listing descriptions that get attention. You review and approve the listings and we then list your PS5 on multiple resale marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Mercari, and more. We use our marketplace accounts, communicate with buyers, monitor and manage your listings, and arrange meet-ups or shipping. If it’s being shipped, we’ll pack and ship your PlayStation 5 to the buyer.  
  1. Cash out your profit: We list items on 6 marketplaces, including eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Mercari, and Poshmark, giving your PS5 wide exposure for a quick sale. We charge affordable rates, and when your PS5 sells, you keep 90% of the profit.  

Why Choose Sella to Sell Your PS5? 

It’s Stress-Free: Our Resale Experts Do All the Work 

Selling your PlayStation 5 on resale marketplaces is time-consuming and overwhelming. If you’re not an experienced seller, you may not know how to write compelling listing descriptions, take appealing photos, or negotiate prices with buyers. When you partner with Sella to sell your PS5, our experts prepare your PS5 for sale and handle marketing tasks, manage your listings, and negotiate with buyers. When it sells, we’ll arrange a meet-up or package and ship your PS5 to your buyer.  

Transparent Fees: Our Reasonable Fee Structure Makes Sense

You shouldn’t need a mathematics degree to understand the fee structure and you don’t want to lose most of your profit to your selling partner. That’s why Sella’s fee structure is simple and totally transparent. After we receive it, our resale experts will prepare a Profit Estimate so you know exactly what to expect when your PS5 sells.  

You’re in Control: Set Your Price and Approve Your Listings 

Setting the price is one of the biggest challenges when selling anything online. You want to make the most cash possible, but you also want a quick sale. Sella’s resale experts will recommend the ideal asking price and offer guidance on the best time of year to sell your PS5 to make the most profit. But you can ultimately set your own price — the decision is totally yours. 

Make More Money: You Get 90% of the Profit 

Speaking of making more money, you can do just that when you partner with Sella to sell your PS5. After it sells, we’ll pay any marketplace fees and selling costs and you cash out 90% of the profit. With Sella, selling your PS5 is straightforward, simple, and hassle-free. It's safe and leaves you feeling anxiety-free.

Ready to turn your PS5 into cash? 

If you’re no longer using your PS5 or you’re trying to earn some cash to invest in a different game console, selling your PS5 with Sella is simple and hassle-free.