September 10, 2022

How to Sell Your Electronics for Cash the Right Way

Is there a growing heap of retired tech devices in your home that’s become an eyesore? Whether you have a stockpile of perfectly good cell phones or a computer that you don’t need anymore, you might be sitting on valuable electronics that you can sell for cash—but it can feel daunting to do so.

It’s time to say no to the technology eyesore sitting around your house and say yes to turning it into money. With an expert partner like Sella, we offer a convenient and stress-free solution by selling your electronics online for you. Here’s how you can sell your electronics for cash (with the help of an experienced team!) the right way.  

Determine What You Want to Sell

Our team helps out with the selling process even before you've decided what electronics to sell. Because our experts are so familiar with online marketplaces, they can let you know what is worth selling and what is worth donating or disposing of. We also keep track of selling trends, so we know when it's the ideal time to sell certain items. 

For example, on our What to Sell page, we have a section that lets you know which products are decreasing in price across the internet. If you're thinking of getting some old technological devices off your hands, use our resources to make informed decisions. This way, you don't waste time trying to sell products that are more trouble than they're worth. 

And if you do end up sending an item to Sella that we determine isn't worth selling, then we will donate it for you rather than mailing it back to you and making that your responsibility. It’s a win-win.

Schedule a Pick-up or Drop-off

Oftentimes, the most complicated part of selling electronics is shipping. Nobody remembers where they put the original packaging for these items, and electronics can be heavy and unwieldy with annoyingly small detachable components. 

With Sella, you don't have to worry about this hassle. You can either drop them off with a Sella rep or at a Sella Hub (check here to see if there's one in your city!), or you can arrange to have them picked up. All you need to do is collect the devices and their corresponding accessories (like wires or chargers). We'll take care of the rest.

Approve the Listing and Price

Sella will identify the model, make, and other pertinent details of the device you've sent in, so we can write an effective description for the listing as well as determine an appropriate price. We'll also take well-lit and appealing photos of the product to increase the listing’s engagement. 

Our approach to writing listings and presenting products is a proven system, and we will send you a detailed description of everything we're working on in real time, so you can follow along with the process. Then, before we post, we will send you the listing and the pricing plan because we want your input. 

Nothing goes online without your approval first. Once you approve, then we can get to the best part of the process.

Sit Back and Relax

We mean it. You don't have to do anything! Our team will monitor your listings for you and answer any questions that buyers might have. While we’re hard at work, you don't have to give your item a second thought. You'll only hear from us when there are important updates. 

For example, when an offer comes in, we'll let you know and wait for your approval before accepting. Sella makes it so selling your electronics online doesn't feel like you're taking on a second job.

Collect Your Cash!

Our team doesn’t take a commission, so all of the money you make from the sale goes directly into your pocket. We do all the work described above for a flat rate, no matter the cost of your item. You can check our pricing chart to see our commitment to fair and transparent costs. 

As mentioned in the first step, we only want to sell your items that will make you money. If we don't think it makes financial sense for you to sell an item because your earnings won't cover the cost of selling it with us, we will let you know. We’re committed to transparency and serving you.

Is It Time to Sell Your Electronics?

Now that you know the steps to selling your electronics the right way, don't let those unused electronics languish in your home any longer. You deserve more space in your home and greater peace of mind, and these devices can make their way into the hands of people who want to use them.

We’re committed to making this exchange simple and painless for everyone involved. Signing up with Sella is as easy as selling items with us—get started today.