December 27, 2022

6 Ways to Sell Furniture When Moving Using Experts

Getting a fresh start at a new home can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. Moving to a new neighborhood and living in a new house with your family can offer a fresh perspective on life. 

However, there’s one nagging roadblock everyone has to deal with when moving to a new home: the moving part. Most people despise moving as it can be very stressful. While it can be thrilling to start with a new slate in a new home, the act of moving your family and your possessions can be mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding.

A new home often comes with purchasing fresh furniture, which means getting rid of the old. When it comes to unwanted stuff, what are your options?

In this guide, we’ll break down how to sell furniture when moving. And while it would be nice to turn a profit on every item, chances are you’ll have to part ways with some bigger ones without making a sale.

Let’s begin.

1. Use Sella to Sell Small Items Over $40

First things first. You need to categorize every item you plan on leaving behind before you move.

Take any valuables that are oversized or under $40 in value. Put them to the side. We’ll touch on that category in just a little bit. But, first, we’ll begin with the objects where you’ll turn the most profit with ease.

Take a look at every possession you have that’s over $40 and smaller in size. We’ll say “smaller in size” refers to anything small enough to fit into a car trunk like a kitchen stool, computer chair, or a mini fridge,

The easiest option for these smaller $40+ pieces is to use a service called “Sella”. With Sella, you can have a done-for-you online selling service for all your unused or unwanted belongings. When you’re in the middle of a move and don’t have the time to deal with your smaller, valuables, Sella will do the work for you.

Sella uses a simple 5 step process to get those goods off your hands and put money back in your pocket:

  1. Figure out what you want to sell. This could be any smaller object like a laptop desk, iPad, or Instant Pot you rarely use.
  2. Schedule an Appointment. Drop off your valuables at a designated hub or request a pickup for a small fee.
  3. Sella Preps Your Belongings. Sella takes all the photos, writes the listings, and suggests prices before listing on the marketplace. You make final approvals.
  4. Sella Sells. Sella then handles all advertising, management, negotiations with buyers, and physical sales.
  5. You Get Paid. Once your valuables sell, you’ll get paid in no time via Stripe.

Getting unused items off your hands during a move while turning a profit has never been easier. Get started with Sella today.

2. Host a Moving Sale

Now that you’ve sold your smaller items over $40 in value, it’s time to tackle the rest and hold a moving sale. If you’re strapped for time, hire a local estate sale service or a trusted friend to run the moving sale.

Examples of moving sale items ideal for a moving sale include: couches, bed frames and mattresses, large appliances (e.g. fridge, washer, dryer), and large sporting goods (treadmill, trampoline, basketball hoop).

A moving sale can offer a quick way to declutter and purge your possessions in a single day or two. When holding your moving sale, remember these tips:

  • Pick the right date with the right weather. A sunny Saturday is going to be more effective than a rainy Monday. 
  • Tell all your friends and family. You’ll probably make most of your sales to people you know. 
  • Post online and make signs. Use social media to spread the word. Don’t forget to put up a few signs around the neighborhood. Remember to emphasize the date and location. 
  • Clean and organize items ahead of time. Don’t wait till the last minute to sort out your valuables. Prep them so they’re ready to sell.
  • Be prepared to negotiate. People want a bargain. Don’t be stingy. If something’s worth $30 to you and someone offers $20, take the deal. 

3. Try a Consignment Shop

Once you’ve completed your moving sale, you’ll probably have a few things remaining that are still worth something. First, consider bringing your goods to a consignment shop.

Upholstered sofas, vintage furniture, and modern art are decent options for most consignment stores. The benefit here is you can get your possessions off your hands quickly. Plus, many consignment shops offer easy drop off and sometimes even pickup which can be convenient when you’re in a pinch for time.

The major downside is that you only get paid when and if your valuables sell. A pawn shop is another option that’s handy if you’re wanting to trade your items for cash quickly and don’t want to wait. The catch is you can’t expect as much for your stuff from a pawnshop as you would through consignment.

4. Give Furniture to Friends and Family

Once you’ve parted with most of your belongings via Sella, a moving sale, and consignment, it’s time to cut your losses on the remaining furniture and household goods.

If you haven’t been able to sell all of your possessions at this point, it’s smart to give them away. You probably have a friend or family member who could make use of your old furniture.

Not only will you be able to get these items off your hands quickly, but it could be a nice gesture for your loved ones.

5. Donate to Charity

If your friends and family aren’t able to take your remaining valuables, another wonderful option is to donate them to charity.

Even if you don’t need them anymore, there’s probably a family out there who does. Offering your remaining furniture and other household objects to charity can be a worthy cause. There are a variety of charities and non-profits you can choose from who are always looking for donations.

If you get a receipt for your donation, you can claim the deduction as a charitable donation when you file your taxes which can help reduce your total amount owing.

6. Hire a Junk Removal Company to Pick Up the Rest

If you haven’t gotten rid of the items after following the steps above, chances are that they’re probably more valuable to the landfill.

While it’s a wise choice to sell or give away your belongings when you can, sometimes you just have to dump them. Junk removal costs, but it’s still more convenient than bringing everything with you and creating clutter in your new house.
While you can bring your old belongings to the junkyard yourself with a truck, it’s easiest to hire a junk removal company to pick them up from your house.