Sella goes national with a Mail-In service!

Shipping your items to a Sella Hub is a snap!

We don’t have local Sella Hubs in 98245, but our Mail-In service is perfect for small, high-value items.

What is Sella Mail-In?

If you’re outside our coverage area or can't schedule a curbside appointment, you’re in luck! With our new Mail-In service, you can ship items directly to a Sella Hub.

Collect items you want us to sell.

Chances are, you’ve got a treasure trove just lying around.

Send us your stuff.

We provide the shipping label, just drop off your box at FedEx.

You approve, we do the rest!

We’ll notify you when it's payout time.

Sella beats consignment for high value items

Most consignment services charge 50-80% of the sale price. That's great for a closet full of $25 blouses that might not sell, but you'll see more profit when you use Sella's Mail-In service to sell smaller items worth $50 or more:

  • Anything Apple, e.g. iPhones or AirPods
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Designer bags, accessories & shoes
  • Smartphones & tablets
  • Unused gifts
  • Gadgets & electronics
  • Camera equipment
  • Collectibles

Sella Mail-In F.A.Q.

How does it Sella Mail-In work?

How is Sella Mail-In different from other mail-in consignment services?

Who sets the prices for my items?

Who pays for the shipping to send my items to Sella?

Are my items insured against loss and damage?

Are my items valuable enough to sell?

How soon will my items sell?

When do I get paid?

What type of items are best for Mail-In?

What if I want my items returned to me?

Is there a maximum size for Mail-In items?

Can I ship from anywhere?