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Here’s why people choose Sella to sell their stuff.

Here’s why people choose Sella to sell their stuff.

You approve prices for your items.

Our team researches market prices and makes the plan, but you've got the final say.

Experts do it all.

Once we have your stuff, you won’t lift a finger. No scams, no meet ups with strangers, and no sharing personal info online.

We list on 5+ marketplaces.

We list on OfferUp, eBay, Craigslist, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark to reach as many buyers as possible.

Our fees make sense.

You’ll pay reasonable rates to take the stress and hassle out of selling.

See why your neighbors
love Sella

See why your neighbors love Sella

Vintage Erector Set
Sold for $50
“I can’t tell you how happy I am with this service. I’ve been holding onto these blocks for ages, but the thought of trying to deal with selling them was just too overwhelming!”
Rhonda I.
Portland, OR
Leprecon DMX Controller
Sold for $250
"I have had a wonderful experience with Sella. The person who is selling the items is very professional and doing an excellent job. The person who replied to my email was very kind, too. Thank you!"
Laura K.
Dallas, TX
Kodak Projector
Sold for $70
“Thank you for the wonderful work. I was frankly blown away by the care and professionalism, from the pickup to the snappy preparation of my things for sale. Bravo!“
Kevin S.
Portland, OR
M-Audio Studio Monitors
Sold for $135
“Sella is a wonderful service.  I truly don't know how you can do everything for such a low fee. I'm really impressed and have been telling friends about it!“
Katie L.
Portland, OR
Canon 24-105mm Lens
Sold for $455
“Sella sold a number of items that sat in my basement for years, and I'm certain I never would have sold them. It's literally been like getting free money.“
Scott M.
Portland, OR
iPad Mini 2
Sold for $70
“I'm never sure what to do or how to price things, and I don't feel comfortable meeting strangers at my house. There's so many people like me who need help selling!“
Petra C.
Portland, OR
Batman Blu-Ray Box Set
Sold for $100
“I’ll be using Sella from now on. Between the convenience and selling across multiple marketplaces, I really believe this is the future. You’ve got a customer for life!“
Robert L.
Portland, OR
AudioEngine Speaker Pair
Sold for $195
“What can I say — I love this service and plan on selling more soon!“
Kurt P.
Portland, OR
Osmo Kit
Sold for $100
“Going in I thought wow, Sella is a no-brainer. But after the first sale I wondered — is this for real? The idea is great, but the experience is downright delightful!“
Rob O.
Portland, OR

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Full service selling. No-frills fees.

We’ve built a high-tech platform and network of experts to make selling as efficient and affordable as possible.

How Sella Works

Our step-by-step guide has tons of answers to common questions, from pickups to cashing out.

1. Get items to a local Sella Hub

Drop off items with your neighborhood Sella rep for free. Or schedule a pickup and we’ll do the loading & driving for a few bucks.

2. Approve prices & listings

Our experts do all the work to create amazing listings at the right price, but ultimately you call the shots. Make changes, or just tap to approve.

3. Get the most cash possible

We list items on 5 sites and charge impossibly affordable rates. If it's worth selling, it's a no-brainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sella cost?

Our pricing structure is based on the work that’s actually required to sell your items, and we only make money off of a sale when you do.

To ensure you're giving us good stuff that you want to actually sell (and not a box of old sweaters you want to get rid of), we charge a nonrefundable $5 deposit per item we receive. We've found this fee is just enough to ensure we receive quality items that are actually worth selling, and no one’s time is wasted. Once we receive your items, it's our responsibility to get them sold. If your item doesn't sell, we cover all the sunk costs and labor fees accrued during your sales cycle (and we lose money).   

To see what your take home profit might be in different scenarios, you can check out our Pricing page.

Who sets the price for my items?

Part of our full-service-selling process includes extensive pricing research based on seasonality, item condition, brand, accessories, current marketplace buying behavior and recent comparable sales. It’s important we understand how this item tends to sell on resale marketplaces. Similar to selling a house and checking the neighborhood’s comps and trends, we conduct research to make sure we have a clear understanding of how many similar items are currently available and will compete with yours for buyer interest. We will suggest a price range based on this data and our expert recommendations, but the final decision is always yours.

How and when do I get paid?

Getting paid with Sella is as easy as cashing out your balance from a money app. When submitting your order, you’ll be prompted to connect your payment details via Stripe. Your funds will be available the moment the return window on your item closes. These windows range from 3 to 30 days, depending on which marketplace your item sold on). Simply request a payout via your account dashboard, and funds will hit your account within 3-5 days, depending on your bank.
Read more about payments here.

What types of items can you sell for me?

Check out our What To Sell page for a detailed overview of the best items to sell with Sella, but generally brand-name items in good condition, that fit in the trunk of a car, and will easily sell for more than $40 are your best bet. Things like A YETI cooler, an Apple Watch, a KitchenAid mixer.

Can I see where your drop off locations are?

We have drop-off locations, known as Sella Hubs, located in the greater metros of Portland, OR, as well as Dallas and Austin, TX. If you're outside those areas, we'll send you a prepaid shipping label as part of our easy Mail-In service. Find the most convenient option by entering your zip code here.

Can you sell furniture for me?

“Do you accept furniture?” is one of the most frequent questions we receive. Unfortunately, it’s normally a no — we can’t accept furniture due to size/weight. This includes very large flat screen TVs, and ‘smaller’ furniture items like side tables, night stands, oversized floor lamps etc. Here’s a simple test: can one person carry it out the door and load it in the trunk of a taxi? No? We can’t take it.