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Flat rates. No commissions.
Proven results.

Flat rates. No commissions. Proven results.

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Here’s why people choose Sella to sell their stuff

Here’s why people choose
Sella to sell their stuff

You set prices for your items.

Our selling team makes recommendations, but ultimately pricing is up to you.

Experts do all the work.

Spend time doing what you love, while our team of experts turns your clutter into cash.

We list on 5+ marketplaces.

We list on eBay, Craigslist and more to reach tons of buyers and get the best price possible.

Our fees make sense.

We charge flat rates for expert work, and we don’t take a commission.

See why your neighbors
love Sella

See why your neighbors love Sella

Sold for $100
“I can’t tell you how happy I am with this service. I’ve been holding onto these blocks for ages, but the thought of trying to deal with selling them was just too overwhelming!”
- Rhonda E. turned clutter into $365
Sold for $70
“Thank you for the wonderful work. I was frankly blown away by the care and professionalism, from the pickup to the snappy preparation of my things for sale. Bravo!“
- Kevin S. turned clutter into $260
Sold for $120
“Sella is a wonderful service.  I truly don't know how you can do everything for such a low fee. I'm really impressed and have been telling friends about it!“
- Katie L. turned clutter into $555
Sold for $45
“Sella sold a number of items that sat in my basement for years, and I'm certain I never would have sold them. It's literally been like getting free money.“
- Scott M. turned clutter into $1,555
Sold for $75
“I'm never sure what to do or how to price things, and I don't feel comfortable meeting strangers at my house. There's so many people like me who need help selling!“
- Petra C. turned clutter into $305
Sold for $100
“I’ll be using Sella from now on. Between the convenience and selling across multiple marketplaces, I really believe this is the future. You’ve got a customer for life!“
- Robert L. turned clutter into $575
Sold for $195
“What can I say — I love this service and plan on selling more soon!“
- Kurt P. turned clutter into $405
Sold for $125
“Going in I thought wow, Sella is a no-brainer. But after the first sale I wondered — is this for real? The idea is great, but the experience is downright delightful!“
- Rob O. turned clutter into $670

The average Sella customer cashes in over $500.

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Simple, fair pricing — and no commissions.

Starting at $5.99 + $0.20/day

Our pricing is based on the work that's actually required to sell your items. That means you'll pay the same flat rates, whether your item sells for $50 or $500.

How Sella Works

Our step-by-step guide has tons of answers to common questions, from pickups to cashing out.

1. Get items to a local Sella Hub

Drop off items with your neighborhood Sella rep for free. Or schedule a pickup and we’ll do the loading & driving for a few bucks.

2. Approve prices & listings

Our experts do all the work to create amazing listings at the right price, but ultimately you call the shots. Make changes, or just tap to approve.

3. Get the most cash possible

We list items on 5 sites, charge impossibly affordable rates and don’t take a commission. If it's worth selling, it's a no-brainer.

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